About Branching Owl

IMG_1151Hello! My name is Teresa (aka Branching Owl), and I write this blog.  I was born and raised in Hong Kong, lived, studied, and worked in a bunch of different cities during my early adulthood, but finally decided to make the great New York City my home (for now!).

My background probably explains why I’m an “eater without borders”, which in turn explains why my recipes are all over the map.  Most days though, I either try to make quick and easy dishes after a grueling day at work, or dishes that freeze well, so hubby and I can eat before 9 pm.  And if I am really lucky, I get to share those dishes with the world on this blog!

It’s funny, with all the healthy recipes I write about, my favorite foods are actually fried chicken, chips, Texas BBQ, and breakfast sausages.

I love cooking, but truly, I’m just passionate about the DIY spirit and the ability to create what you want, when you want to.  I believe everyone has the power to make everything great if we truly care about it, and my goal is to share this spirit with you.

Lastly, while it might seem ironic for a city girl like me, what I love equally outside of cooking is nature and the preservation of our Earth.  I have always been pretty Earth conscious, but never really sought out the beauty of the natural land until I met my husband and now sous chef, Preston (I know, gag, right?).  He not only made me watch nature shows (still does, but now I do it voluntarily), but also encouraged my inner explorer by making me his hiking / camping / birding buddy, all the things that matter and all the things that define our bond.

On that note, I hope my writing inspires the creator in you!  Thank you for visiting and for your support. Follow Me on Twitter and Instagram; More Info at www.teresafung.com

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by anyone or paid to endorse any products (unfortunately, lol). All  products referenced in my posts are things I like and have worked for me!

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