Thanksgiving Sandwich- Zouras Edition

There are many great things about marrying someone from a totally different culture, especially when it comes to the holidays.  Since our traditional holidays rarely overlap, Preston and I get to celebrate a variety of events basically all year round, show each other our traditions, and best of all, not deal with spousal splitting of the holidays! Luxurious.

After a surprisingly pleasant train ride and eerily relaxing meal time at Newark airport, a very Texas Thanksgiving week at the Pesek household came into full swing with turkey, stuffing, traditional fixins, dad’s ribs, mom’s (and sis’s!) pies and cookies, free flowing libations, burgers, hot dogs…


… lots of family visiting time, board game / domino time, cute baby time, #iamaman woodworking time and finally… a serving of heartburn and tight pants on the side.

With all that food and our extended stay, we had the privilege to enjoy all leftovers.  And I say this without any hint of sarcasm because I am addicted to this sandwich that my amazing sister in law made for us.  To be fair, this really is her husband’s family recipe hailing all the way from good ol’ Pennsylvania, but she DID make the sammiches happen ;).

There’s something to be said about down-to-earth ingredients.  No need to be NY foodie snootie about this and make this with special boule from a French bakery or fancy cranberry sauce with berries and zests (though having Mom Pesek’s dressing recipe wouldn’t hurt). Get your cranberry sauce out of a can, add a slab of mayo and butter, a dash of TLC and boom – an amazing Thanksgiving sandwich is born.


The Holy Trinity of Ingredients + Mayo +Butter = Magic


Sing a chorus for the Zouras

Who placed these sammiches before-us

And made Thanksgiving even more delicious!


Turkey A Healthy Pile
Mom’s Dressing / Stuffing A Good Heap
Jellied Cranberry Sauce A Smattering
Honeywheat Bread 2 Slices
Mayo Enough to Coat
Butter Enough to Coat


  • Coat both sides of the internal facing sides of the bread slices with enough mayo to cover the surface area. Don’t skimp on this, if we’re doing this, we’re going to do it right dammit!
  • Layer on cranberry jelly on one side of the mayo’ed bread. Like the thickness of jelly on a peanut butter & jelly sammich. 
  • Layer on dressing / stuffing on the other side of the mayo’ed bread. 
  • Finally, layer on your gentle knoll of turkey on top of the jelly, complete your sammich by placing the bread + dressing blanket on top of everything. Butter the exterior of the sammich.
  • Preheat a pan on medium heat. Carefully grill the sammich on both sides until it’s a perfect golden color.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Sandwich- Zouras Edition

  1. Mellie Pesek says:

    Nothing but Yummy and Deliciousness! Your artistic staging is topped by no one, and I love all you do with food, this blog page, poetry, and just in general, I love you.
    Mom Pesek

    Liked by 1 person

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