Mom Pesek’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

Fall travel season is upon us!  With family spread all along the coast, Preston & I try our best to see everyone as a couple, but time and budget constraints can definitely put an occasional damper on that.  Speaking of which, Preston had initially planned on making a solo trip to the Pesek household in Texas 2 weekends ago, but after receiving a few photos of our then 3 month old nephew, severe FOMO set-in and I had no choice but to join him.  “Mission: Fat Baby Fingers” works every time.

Having now lived in the States as long as I have lived in Hong Kong, the struggle to define ‘home’, to keep my roots alive with traditions, foods & language is constant – there is just something so soothing about the concept of “going home”.  I therefore relish every trip we take to the Pesek household in Texas where the following (non-exhaustive) list of activities is encouraged:

  • Napping, snacking, eating (Mom’s baked goods & Dad’s ribs, ummmmmmmmmmmmm), & drinking (they won you over already, didn’t they?!).
  • Playing board games. All bets are off, you better bring your game face because there will be no mercy.
  • Leaf through the family photo album & chuckle at sneaky Grandmother stories.
  • Ogle over each other’s craft projects – mostly Mom’s quilts & paintings.
  • Play with fat baby fingers and / or thighs and /or cheeks. Any and all combinations are encouraged.
How Not to Play Dominos

Let Me Demonstrate How Not to Play Dominoes

This past visit was no different; I took a nap and had my dominoes game crushed by the family yet again. No matter, the family event of making Grandma (Mom) Pesek’s old fashioned ice-cream perked me right up.  The recipe might not have been as fancy as my other ice cream recipes, but sometimes simple is best and in this case, nostalgia and love are only ingredients that cannot be substituted.

Mom Pesek Ice Cream Recipe

There is no need to be a New York food snob about it, Mom Pesek’s ice cream was tasty, albeit a tad sweeter than we’d like. The surprisingly creamy concoction also had a slight coconut flavor to it – probably from the Eagle Brand milk!  Besides, the whole event felt like we took a page right out of a summer beach novel:

Beers in hand, resting under the cool shade, the adults chatted mindlessly over the whirring of the ice-cream maker while kids made splashes in the cerulean colored pool.  Little wet footsteps would occasionally appear; peering curiously into the whirring contraption “is it ready yet?” would almost always accompany each visit.  For the New Yorkers, it’s like summer had never left…  

I would love to hear your favorite childhood memory of creating something with your family!  Did any of those memories become a tradition?

Ice Cream 2


Eggs 4
Sugar 2 Cups
Evaporated Milk 1 Large Can
Eagle Brand Milk 1 Can – Optional (skip if you prefer less sweetness)
Half & Half 1 Pint
Vanilla 2 Tbs
Nostalgia + Love Sprinkles (no substitution available)


  1. Separate eggs, beat whites until peaks form. Add 1 cup sugar, continue beating.  Add 1 can milk and beat well.
  2. In another bowl – beat egg yolks.  Add Eagle brand milk, 1 cup sugar, Half & Half, and vanilla.  Beat well.
  3. Pour first mixture in ice cream container, then second mixture.
  4. Finish with whole milk to make 1 gallon.

Note: If fruit desired, omit vanilla

Made with Love

Creating memories with the next generation. Made with Love.

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