Yurtin’ for Certain

I can’t believe summer is finally over, what an incredible few months it’s been. We started this season strong with our epic trip to Asia which signified 1. Preston’s first visit to Hong Kong, my birthplace and 2. my first proper visit to Japan, a place I’ve wanted to visit for years. Feeling creatively rejuvenated after after our trip Asia, I finally got motivated to sell everything in my storage unit.  For 2 long years, I was just not ready to let the unit go because that furniture in it represented a significant time of independence but that “stuff” was doing nothing to help us create a home together.  We had to de-clutter our lives and move onward and upward!

To end the summer strong and celebrate “Mission: Storage Unit Evacuation“, we spent last weekend yurtin’ / glampin’ on Loomis Hill overlooking 9 mile swamp in Waterville, NY. A farming town 2 hours west of Albany, corn fields, hay bales, and wild goldenrods flowers abound. And since I planned the trip, no backpacking was involved, there were no tears, definitely a bathroom, and … with a charcoal grill at our disposal also meant BBQ’ing like a BOSS!

Soy Bean Fields in Waterville, NY

Soy Bean Fields in Waterville, NY


View from Loomis Lair Property

Meal planning wise, we needed 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and 1 lunch. With some summer veggies still available, the farm fresh ingredients made for some pretty easy yet delicious flame-kissed meals.

Breakfast: Pan Fried Free-Range Duck Eggs (Courtesy of Loomis Lair Yurt Host) with Fig Bread; Greek Yogurt with Peaches and Museli; Latte

Lunch: Blue Apron’s Tomato Basil Burger with Olive Aioli; Grilled Potato Fries (see Blue Apron post for recipe!)

Dinner Night 1 (Featured Below):

  • Cedar Plank Smoked Whole Branzino stuffed with Slices Lemons and Crushed Garlic
  • Grilled Peaches with Balsamic reduction served on Fresh Greens with Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Whole Grilled corns

Dinner Night 2 (Vegetarian):

  • Fire Roasted Asian Eggplants, Peppers, Onions
  • Whole Grilled Corn and Balsamic Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

Most Important Meal of the Day: BREAKFAST

Tomato Basil Burger w/ Olive Aioli for Lunch

Dinner # 1: Cedar Plank Smoked Whole Branzino w. Grilled Corned and Peaches

Dinner #2: Grilled Veggies

DINNER # 1 INGREDIENTS (2 Servings):

1 Whole Branzino Tail & Head on About 1 lbs
Whole Corn with Husk 2, Soak in Water
Yellow Peaches 2 Halved (4 Halves)
Lemon 1
Slice Half for Fish, Quarter the other for Garnish
Garlic 3 Cloves Crushed
Cedar Wood Plank 1, Soak in Water
Olive Oil As Appropriate
Salt & Pepper To Taste
Balsamic vinegar

Fresh Greens

About a Cup

DIRECTIONS (to grill like a boss):

  • To Prep: Soak cedar wood plank and corns (husks on) in water for at least 1 hour, then lightly oil wood plank; Marinade peaches in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt pepper mixture for at least 30 minutes
  • Place soaked corn on side of grill for 20 – 30 minutes (this can be the first thing that goes on the grill)
  • Season Branzino generously with salt and pepper inside and out, coat with olive oil, place a few lemon slices and crushed garlic inside the cavity of the fish
  • Place Branzino on soaked cedar wood plank on hottest part of grill, smoke for 15-20 minutes. Or until flesh flakes off easily
  • Place peaches on side of grill for about 5 minutes. You can sear the peaches off on center of grill after fish is removed
  • Once everything is ready to be plated, place peach balsamic marinade (from step 1) in pan and reduce it on grill – should take about a minute. Pour balsamic reduction on peaches, serve hot.

Farm Fresh Veggies for Grilling

Sunrise over a Foggy Nine Mile Swamp

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