People of Hong Kong, I Hear You Sing. Let Your Light Shine!

Image Courtesy of South China Morning Post

Occupy Central – Hong Kong, 2014. Image Courtesy of South China Morning Post

I don’t write much about my personal views here, but as a Hong Kong transplant living in NYC, I would like to share this humble post with anyone who would care to read it.  This much I can do.

I wanted to thank those of you who are on the ground right now and those of you who have been posting the latest from the current protests in Hong Kong. Every article I’ve read, every picture I’ve encountered, and every video I’ve seen, raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

I had moved away from Hong Kong years ago and had the benefit of participating in this prosperous city before any of the recent transitions. While my time here in the US has been life transformative, never would I downplay the role Hong Kong had in my growth.

The great education that my alma mater (Diocesan Girls School) gave me, the lifelong friendships of the girls and the families I grew up with, the spirit of excellence and competitiveness that was instilled in me. The love of culture, food, the excitement of traveling, freedom of expression… the list goes on.

I’m in disbelief. Because all those things I’ve taken for granted, my constant, my foundation of my home, everything, is changing.  But I am also hopeful and proud. Hopeful because hope is the only thing greater than fear. Proud, because of the resiliency, the civility, that the Hong Kong people are showing the world.

The world is indeed watching and listening. I know many will say, what can Hong Kong, a little city, do against a large government with money, natural resources, and an army? We can unite.  In this trying time, Hong Kong is representing much more than our own freedom, we are fighting for all the sisters and brothers around the world who are fighting the same good fight.

We, the people, against all odds, will be the beacon of light that will never extinguish.  My thoughts are with you all, be safe.

For those of you who would like to learn more about the impetus of the protests and some good international resources for your latest news: Hong Kong’s unprecedented protests and police crackdown, explained

BBC: Things that can only happen in a Hong Kong Protest

South China Morning Post: Top 10 Highlights of Occupy Central So Far

National Post: More images and videos from the movement

2 thoughts on “People of Hong Kong, I Hear You Sing. Let Your Light Shine!

  1. theroadtripgirl says:

    I was born in HK and immigrated to Toronto when I was only 4 years old. But there is something so alluring about this city that it will always remain with you. This is the city where I will always call home. Thank you for writing this post 🙂


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